Our Mission

Family-owned. Locally-based. Independent.


We Pledge

For over almost a century and several generations, we have adhered to the following ideals and ethics:

To be honest and fair in all our business affairs and transactions.

To take a genuine interest in our customers, be helpful and address their challenges.

To treat our customers' needs as if they were our own.

To keep our overhead low—and pass the savings on to our customers.

To objectively analyze all personal and business clients' insurance requirements from the viewpoint of "Optimum Risk Management", as well as quality and economy.

To reduce the cost of insurance to our customers by utilizing state-of-the-art, educated risk reduction, elimination or assumption.

To examine and compare customer insurance options, and then present professional recommendations and cost comparisons for our customers' review.

In these days of giant insurance agencies with no connection to or knowledge of our local community, we feel that these values are even more important for us to share and uphold.

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